Midvaal celebrates completion of R25-million Bronk Road Gravel to Tar Project

The Midvaal Municipality has officially celebrated the completion of the Bronk Road gravel to tar project which commenced in 2021 and concluded in 2023.

Mayor Alderman Peter Teixeira, flanked by members of the Mayoral Committee, led the unveiling ceremony that showcased the transformation of Bronk Road. The ambitious endeavor, completed in record time with a total investment of R25 million, has been met with widespread acclaim.

At the heart of this project lies the objective to forge a crucial connection between the Eye of Africa and the R82 corridor. By doing so, the municipality sought to accommodate the burgeoning housing developments in the area while unlocking enhanced access to economic opportunities. The anticipated growth of housing in the Eye of Africa region is expected to substantially augment the municipality’s revenue, further fueling improvements in service delivery.

The newly surfaced road promises to be a lifeline for both commercial and private traffic. It not only streamlines the transportation of heavy-duty trucks laden with goods but also ensures smoother journeys for everyday commuters. Prior to this transformation, the road’s challenging and unforgiving terrain posed significant navigational obstacles.

The Midvaal Local Municipality’s unwavering dedication to providing exemplary service delivery remains steadfast said Ald Teixeira who added that this dedication is reflected in ongoing efforts to upgrade critical infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to investment, and unlocking a multitude of economic opportunities within the region.

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