Midvaal Libraries embrace technology with launch of Makerspace and Gaming Rooms in Lakeside

Midvaal Local Municipality is pioneering technology integration in its Lakeside Library with the introduction of exciting new Makerspace and Gaming Rooms.

Makerspaces, hailed as hubs of creativity and innovation, are now accessible to the community. Here, users can explore realms of 3D printing, coding, creative arts, project modeling, and robotics.

Not stopping there, the Gaming Rooms provide more than just entertainment. They promote digital literacy skills, boost concentration for learners, and encourage social interaction among peers.

What’s truly groundbreaking is that these facilities bring cutting-edge technology within the reach of local communities. These safe and inspiring spaces within public libraries highlight Midvaal’s commitment to staying ahead in the digital age.

This move ensures that Midvaal’s libraries remain relevant in the 21st century, aligning services with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The administration’s commitment to innovation ensures a brighter future for Midvaal’s communities.

The Lakeside Library’s new Makerspace and Gaming Rooms symbolize progress, where technology, knowledge, and creativity converge for the betterment of the community. The future looks promising within these forward-thinking library spaces.

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