MMC Thembi Modiba spreads joy with 800 cupcakes from Cupcakes of Hope

In a heartwarming display of community support and generosity, Midvaal Local Municipality’s MMC for Community Services, Cllr Thembi Modiba, brought smiles to the faces of many residents last week with a special delivery of 800 cupcakes from the charitable organisation Cupcakes of Hope.

MMC Modiba embarked on a mission of spreading happiness by visiting various locations across the city, including early childhood development centers, old age homes, care facilities, and even surprising a few dedicated staff members. Armed with boxes of colorful and delicious cupcakes, the MMC’s visits were met with joy and gratitude from those fortunate enough to receive these sweet treats.

The initiative aimed to brighten the days of individuals of all ages, bringing a sense of warmth and unity to the community. As Cllr Thembi Modiba handed out cupcakes, her presence and the delectable pastries brought smiles, laughter, and moments of joy to the faces of those she visited.

The 800 cupcakes donated by Cupcakes of Hope made it possible for MMC Modiba to create memorable experiences for numerous community members. The organisation’s dedication to supporting worthy causes like this underscores the importance of community and the positive impact that simple acts of kindness can have.

Cupcakes of Hope, an organisation renowned for its philanthropic endeavors, deserves heartfelt appreciation for their generosity. Their contribution played a pivotal role in making this heartwarming community event possible.

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