Midvaal’s invests R1.7 million to curb sewage spillage during loadshedding

Midvaal Local Municipality has launched an initiative to install renewable energy-powered systems, specifically battery storage, at sewer pump stations to ensure continuous and uninterrupted sewage pumping operations, even during periods of load shedding.

With an investment exceeding R1.7 million, the municipality has taken decisive steps to implement battery storage systems at the Adelaar and Leeu Pump stations in Daleside. This strategic move is geared towards safeguarding residents against potential sewage spillage incidents. These particular stations were prioritized due to their high sewage flow rates and their close proximity to the Kliprivier.

In recent years, South Africa has grappled with heightened and more frequent instances of load shedding. Consequently, these power disruptions have led to sewage spillage incidents, significantly impacting the communities residing near these pump stations. This has created an unhealthy and environmentally detrimental situation for the affected residents.

Such sewage discharges stand in violation of South Africa’s Environmental Management Act, necessitating proactive intervention by our municipality to prevent and rectify these occurrences.

In response to these challenges, the Midvaal Local Municipality is actively working on innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of load shedding on its residents. The installation of renewable energy systems is a testament to the municipality’s commitment to shielding the community from the repercussions of power interruptions.

Our dedication remains steadfast in creating and maintaining a safe, healthy living environment for all residents. The municipality pledges to continue its efforts in finding innovative strategies to combat the challenges posed by load shedding, ensuring the well-being of the community and the preservation of a clean and sustainable environment.

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