Midvaal Local Municipality’s fire department wins Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge

Midvaal Local Municipality’s fire department represented the municipality well during the annual Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge held on 27 July securing top position, making it their third consecutive win.

The event, which took place in Johannesburg, witnessed fierce competition from various fire departments across the country. The Midvaal team demonstrated their unwavering dedication, extraordinary skills, and unparalleled teamwork throughout the challenge.

The Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge featured a series of intense tests, including an Overall TFA Course, Cross Fit Challenge, and specialised challenges designed to assess firefighters’ abilities to combat real-life emergency scenarios.

Midvaal’s first team excelled, securing 1st place, while Midvaal’s second team finished the challenge with an impressive 3rd place.

The team also brought home several medals for individual categories.
A congratulatory session was held on 1 August at the Fire Department with the Executive Mayor, Ald. Peter Teixeira, the Municipal Manager, Mr Anton Groenewald and the MMC for Public Safety and Roads, Cllr Gerrit Viljoen in attendance.

The Executive Mayor expressed his pride in the firefighters who keep the municipality’s name high, while the Municipal Manager agreed to send two teams to the Toughest Firefighter Alive Challenge in Mossel Bay in October. The Midvaal Fire Department remains committed to serving the community with the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency. Their continued success in competitions like the Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge highlights their dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of Midvaal’s residents.

Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge results for the Midvaal teams:

Midvaal Team 1 – 1st place

Midvaal Team 2 – 3rd place

Individuals – Age category

Tertius Engelbrecht – 1st

Nico Gouws – 2nd

Morné Mommsen – 3rd

Cross Fit Challenge – Nico Gouws 2nd

Overall Toughest Firefighter Alive Course + Cross Fit

Nico Gouws 2nd

Tertius Engelbrecht – 3rd

Toughest Firefighter Alive Course

Tertius Engelbrecht – 2nd

Nico Gouws – 3rd

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