De Deur Sector 2 Community Policing recognises and celebrates new members’ dedication

On Sunday, 3 December, De Deur Sector 2 Community Policing proudly bestowed certificates on their new members who successfully completed a rigorous three-month course modeled on the traditional reservist training. Their commitment and dedication shone through as they triumphantly passed examinations, with a remarkable 20 members excelling with flying colours.

These newly certified members now join the esteemed ‘A’ team, a title affectionately coined by Brigadier Slabbert, the former Station Commander at De deur SAPS. Brigadier Slabbert, a pivotal figure in the establishment of community policing back in 2007, the initiative has grown to include over 300 active and engaged members.

Their invaluable contribution to the community’s safety is evident as they vigilantly combat crime on a daily basis. Among the celebrated heroes was Martina Ackerman, a dedicated and hard-working Community Policing Member, honoured with a special Environmental Award. Ackerman’s profound commitment came to the fore when she played a pivotal role in rescuing a pangolin. Her decisive actions and organisational skills were instrumental in coordinating the operation that ultimately saved the pangolin’s life.

During the ceremony, the esteemed presence of Midvaal Mayor, Peter Teixeira, an honorary member of the Community Policing, added luster to the occasion. Mayor Teixeira extended his heartfelt congratulations to the members, expressing gratitude for their relentless efforts in ensuring Midvaal’s safety.

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