Exclusive Interview: Hip-Hop artist Sizipop opens up about upcoming release of ’25 Lighters’

Walkerville & Savanna City Times’ Ottis Manyoba (OM) recently caught up with Sizwe ‘Sizipop’ Marumure (SM) a versatile composer, rapper and artist who’s gearing up to release his debut single ’25 lighters’ on 29 March, here’s how it went down…

OM: Can you introduce yourself to our audience and tell us a bit about your journey into the world of music?

SM: I’ve been based in Malmö Sweden for a while experiencing my childhood and youth in the U.K and South Africa, I try to make music that resonates with everybody from the streets to the geeks. I would say I’ve experienced both sides and usually blend in wherever I’m at. So when I try to create art it’s not to reflect where I am but more who or what I am.

OM: Who are some of your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your sound?

SM: I would have to say Bank Bunz from Detroit who was the 1st rapper to really vibe with my style and cook up tracks with me on some real G s**t, I started rapping almost 10 years ago outta of a shoe box I put in his microphone in with a sock as a pop filter and we just built from there. Another huge Influence on me would be Rizzaw the Nomad king and NEA Entertainment from Denmark who helped me refine my style and translate my ideas so vividly. They have always showed love and have been elaborate and efficient in sorting out all my biggest shows to date.

OM: What sets your style apart from other hip hop artists?

SM: Initially, my musical journey began with a clear message in mind. However, as time passed, it evolved into a personal odyssey, culminating in my upcoming single which embodies the essence of love. Presently, my focus has shifted towards reveling in the joy of creating music, devoid of anger or disillusionment. In today’s rap scene, I’ve observed a trend where originality is often sacrificed in favor of conforming to a predefined standard. This emphasis on competition among black artists undermines the potential for collective growth and collaboration.

OM: How does it feel to be releasing your first official song to the world?

SM: Honestly it’s the genesis, I’ve always been the type to want to control different variables in my creation process as I mostly tried to stay independent but now knowing that I won’t be able to control how it’s received is something I find exciting and makes me extremely optimistic for what comes ahead.

OM: Can you share with us some memorable moments from the creation process of your debut song?

SM: 25lighters is a song thats been in the vault for a long time. Big shoutout to Shantell and G Side in Huntsville, Alabama for their huge contributions in this track. Cory (aka Slow Motion Soundsz) who engineered this track and gave me the opportunity to make this happen and remembering our 1st session together I’ll never forget him saying its a breath of fresh air working with you, your sound is truly different and unique.

OM: What message or emotion do you hope listeners take away from your music, particularly the single you’re about to release?

SM: Just have fun with it, I feel in a time where people are so focused on politics or world conflicts where in my honest opinion nothing has really gotten worse or better, there will always be another Trump or Another Obama peddling hope, greed is the centre of capitalism so wherever there’s money to be made I also think its obvious that more conflict will be created. But it’s a part of our collective story as humanity before we could even use words like we are today. This track is like the clam before the storm to remind us to sometimes just sit back and relax and enjoy the simple things in life like love and who we call our family

OM: What do you think listeners will find most surprising or unique about the song?

SM: The production will be different from the usual stuff here as its from Huntsville Alabama, the mixing and mastering done in Sweden with a South African artist and Shantells dreamy vocals on that hook is a fun but unusual combination. With this the goal is to show how bridges are built and how music will always connect us regardless of location.

OM: What can fans expect from you in terms of upcoming projects?

SM: I’ll be dropping my 1st album KARMA sometime this year which will be for everyone, Hustlers in the street inspired dancers, your stay at home introverts to your manga and anime geeks. Diverse is the central theme for this project.

OM: What advice would you give to aspiring hip hop artists who are just starting out in the industry?

SM: Have fun with your work, things may not work in your time but there’s no better time than Gods time. patience and growth are key. Fame shouldn’t be a goal as it’s only a small result when you know why you do what you do and people resonate with that part of your being. If you play an instrument outside you never know what people are going through and how your music could have helped redirect somebody having a bad day or week its pebbles in the water, you’ll never truly grasp how far your ripples will reach.

OM: Lastly, where can listeners expect to find your debut single, and how can they stay updated on your future releases and performances?

SM: You will find my music on all major distribution platform’s as for my next shows follow me @sizipop because I’ll be performing and opening up for some pretty great arts in the next coming months.

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