Sizipop drops debut single – 25 Lighter’s – featuring Crystal Carr

Ayo, listen up, hip-hop fam! We’ve some major news that’s gonna have you all hyped up. NEA Entertainment is set to make waves in the game with the debut track from Sizipop, featuring the incredible talented Crystal Carr. And let’s not forget to give a massive shoutout to the legends at G Side in Huntsville, Alabama, especially Cory, aka Slow Motion Soundz, for their huge contributions to this fire track!

Sizipop is bringing that fresh new sound that’s gonna have everyone talking, and teaming up with Crystal Carr on the mic? That’s a collab made in hip-hop heaven!

Big ups to G Side in Huntsville, Alabama, for laying down some serious beats and vibes on this track. Cory, aka Slow Motion Soundz, brings that Southern flavor that’s gonna make this track unforgettable.

So, get ready to turn up the volume and let Sizipop, Crystal Carr, and the whole crew from G Side take you on a musical journey like no other. This debut track is gonna have you vibin’, nodding your head, and hitting that replay button again and again.

Stream the song on Spotify below

You can also view it on YouTube below

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