Midvaal facilitates distribution of title deeds to Sicelo residents

After persistent efforts and facilitation by the Midvaal administration, 185 title deeds were handed over to the beneficiaries of the Sicelo housing project Initiated in 2015, and earmarked for 290 beneficiaries.

Despite this significant progress, 105 title deeds are awaiting transfer by the Gauteng Department of Housing Settlements.

The municipality has pledged to maintain pressure on the department to expedite this critical process.

During the handover ceremony held on Wednesday, 27 March, Midvaal’s Executive Mayor, Ald Peter Teixeira, emphasized the municipality’s commitment to its residents. He said: “When we came into office, we made a promise to our residents to provide them with the dignity of home ownership. We will continue to urge the Provincial Government to expedite the process of issuing title deeds so that our people do not have to wait nine years to obtain documentation confirming ownership of their homes.”

Under the current term, Midvaal Municipality has overseen the issuance of more than 600 title deeds across various housing projects, highlighting its dedication to ensuring residents receive the benefits of homeownership.

While housing remains primarily within the purview of the Provincial Government, Midvaal Local Municipality remains resolute in its commitment to facilitate the construction of houses and the issuance of title deeds.

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