DA’s Cllr Tebogo Tlhokwe elected uncontested as Chairperson of MPAC in Emfuleni Municipality

In a significant development, Cllr Tebogo Tlhokwe of the Democratic Alliance (DA) has been elected uncontested as the Chairperson of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) in Emfuleni Municipality during the council sitting held on earlier today, 28 September.

The DA caucus in Emfuleni expressed their heartfelt congratulations to Cllr Tebogo Tlhokwe for this remarkable appointment. As the Chairperson of MPAC, Cllr Tlhokwe steps into a crucial role that serves as a cornerstone of our democratic system. The MPAC oversight committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and the proper utilization of finances and resources within municipal institutions.

Cllr Tlhokwe has already demonstrated his dedication to the cause of good governance and fiscal responsibility as a member of MPAC at the Sedibeng District Municipality. His commitment to upholding these principles has earned him recognition and trust among his peers.

The DA caucus in Emfuleni is confident that Cllr Tlhokwe will bring the same enthusiasm, diligence, and dedication to his new role as Chairperson of MPAC in Emfuleni Municipality. This election not only reflects his outstanding contributions but also highlights the commitment of the DA to ensuring that the public’s interests are safeguarded and that municipal resources are managed effectively.

As Cllr Tlhokwe assumes this important position, the Emfuleni Municipality can look forward to continued efforts in promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible governance. The DA caucus extends their best wishes to Cllr Tlhokwe and expresses their optimism for a future marked by good governance and prudent financial stewardship in Emfuleni.

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