Elevate your brand with Walkerville & Savanna City Times

Discover the advertising potential of Walkerville & Savanna City Times (W&SCT), an independent community newspaper that has been making waves since its inception in June 2016. Our monthly publication, with a print run of 10,000 copies, reaches an impressive estimated readership of 50,000 individuals spanning LSM categories from 3 to 10.

A Strategic Reach to Your Audience

At W&SCT, we understand the value of strategic distribution. Our publication is thoughtfully delivered door to door, free of charge, by our experienced in-house teams. We cover a wide geographic footprint, ensuring your message reaches communities in Walkerville, Homestead Apple Orchards, De Deur, Kanana Park, Savanna City, Ironside, Lakeside, Eikenhof, Meyerton, and Roshnee. Our vigilant monitoring guarantees maximum readership and footprint for your advertisements.

A Diverse Readership, LSM 3 to 10

With a diverse readership spanning LSM categories from 3 to 10, Walkerville & Savanna City Times offers a unique opportunity to connect with a broad spectrum of the community. Our commitment to delivering current, impartial, honest, trustworthy, and fact-based content is unwavering. We are the go-to source for information that our readers can rely on.

Your Partner in Community Engagement

Walkerville & Savanna City Times is not just a newspaper; we are a community cornerstone. We are dedicated to informing, educating, and strengthening community bonds. As an advertiser, you become an integral part of this community, delivering your message directly to the hearts and minds of our readers.

Join us in building meaningful connections, increasing brand visibility, and achieving your advertising goals. Partner with Walkerville & Savanna City Times today, and harness the power of effective advertising.

Your message, our platform – together, we create a lasting impact.

For enquiries, contact us on 011 850 1160, 010 230 0038

Email: savannacitytimes1@gmail.com

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