Midvaal warns against purchasing of stands on Elandsfontein Plots

Midvaal Local Municipality’s MMC for Development Planning, Mokete Motsamai, has issued a stern advisory to residents, cautioning against the purchase of stands or houses within the proposed Elandsfontein Township. The warning pertains specifically to Portions 106, 107, 108, 109, and 116 of the Farm Elandsfontein 334-IQ, under the auspices of Ntha Property Developers.

The municipality says it has become aware of the proliferation of illegal advertising boards in the area, promoting the proposed Elandsfontein Township by Ntha Property Developers. These boards, indicating a forthcoming development within Midvaal’s jurisdiction, have sparked concern among officials due to the absence of necessary planning processes.

“Residents are strongly urged to refrain from engaging in any property transactions related to this proposed development until the developer, Ntha Property Developers, has successfully navigated and complied with all essential planning procedures. Presently, the area in question stands as a non-proclaimed township,” said Midvaal’s MMC for Development Planning, Mokete Motsamai.

Highlighting the sequence of events, it was disclosed that a Township Establishment application was submitted to the Municipality on 8 February 2023 by a consultant working on behalf of Ntha Property Developers. However, it is crucial to note that this application remains in the circulation phase, awaiting feedback and comments from various governmental departments, both internal and external. It is emphasized that the development in question has not received approval from the Municipality.

In response to these concerning developments, the Municipality has initiated legal consultations with an Attorney to explore avenues for the removal of the illegal advertising boards that have surfaced in the area.

Additionally, ongoing complaints and inquiries continue to be lodged by concerned members of the public regarding Portion 116 of the Farm Elandsfontein 334-IQ, which remains an illegal development despite misinformation circulated by the Developer.

For further insights and updates on this matter, residents are encouraged to watch the recent expose and development update below:

Part 1

Part 2

The Municipality assures residents that it is diligently monitoring the situation and will provide further updates as the situation progresses. In the interest of safeguarding residents’ investments and ensuring compliance with proper procedures, Midvaal Municipality strongly advises exercising caution and refraining from involvement in property transactions related to the aforementioned development until all necessary approvals are obtained.

For inquiries or concerns regarding this matter, residents can reach out to the Midvaal Local Municipality’s official channels.

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